The large area of unused railway and port land from White Bay running west back up to the railway cutting under Balmain Rd (called the Bays Precinct) is gradually being carved up for redevelopment and reuse.

There are great opportunities to get new and improved bike routes through the area.

The Sydney Metro to Rozelle was cancelled in early 2010 but a Sydney to Parramatta line is now being discussed, with stops at White Bay and Leichhardt. Westconnex is planning to have road tunnel exits and entrances in the Railyards near The Crescent and is now saying they will include a linear park with bike paths along and across the Railyards.

Urban Growth NSW is planning to redevelop the White Bay power station and nearby waterfront but so far hasn’t been able to attract private investment.

Sydney Ports built the Cruise Passenger Terminal in 2010, a facility for cruise ships to dock at in White Bay. It required an access road in from James Craig Drive under the ANZAC Bridge and we asked for a bike path as well, to provide a direct and flatter route from the ANZAC Bridge to Robert St in Rozelle. No path was included but the EIS stated that nothing should be done to preclude one in the future.

The old Glebe Island Bridge looked like being demolished, but now [March 2016] could be retained.

Here are some potential cycle routes that planners might consider :
(1) the continuation of the Greenway from Hawthorne Canal next to the light rail line through the deep railway cutting under Balmain Rd to link with the Anzac Bridge Cycleway
(2) a cycleway from end of Gordon St in Rozelle, under the Victoria Rd bridge and again linking with the Anzac Bridge, or old Glebe Island bridge, [note added in Oct 2013- the old bridge is being fated for demolitionhave your say]
(3) a cycle and pedestrian bridge across the goods yard from Gordon St or Easton Park to The Crescent. This has been taken up by Westconnex in their latest plan in May 2017)

(4) a cycleway from Robert St, Rozelle, across the railway goods line to the Anzac Bridge or to the old Glebe Island Bridge, which could be reopened as a foot/cycle route into Pyrmont and the City, saving the lengthy climb over Anzac Bridge.

Robert Johnson prepared a more detailed concept plan (bays_precinct_bikeplanv6.doc) for bikeways in the area, for discussion at the BAC.  This plan was adopted by Council, so good work Robert! (see final document as adopted by Council).


Notes for (1): The light rail extension has been approved  through the cutting to Leichhardt and Summer Hill but with no cycle path. The Greenway Project advocated this shared use of the rail lines. The CWCL concept is now a consideration. This involves excavating a space for a bike path next to the tracks, into the sandstone wall of the cutting. See under Campaigns for details or BikeSydney.

(2) The back street cycle route from the new Iron Cove Bridge (sign posted in early 2011)  runs along Waterloo, Darling, Red Lion, Kennif, Quirk, Gordon, and could avoid the narrow Lilyfield Rd footbridge if there was a direct link from foot of Gordon St to the Anzac Bridge cycleway, going under the Victoria Rd road bridge.

(3) This would be very convenient for cyclists from Lilyfield north of the goods line, who now have only Catherine St to cross on.

(4) Also very convenient for people in Rozelle and Balmain, as it cuts out the hill around the old power station and the narrow footpath past the bus shelters on Victoria Rd.


To progress this campaign we need to put the ideas in front of the planners and politicians, and oppose any stupid uses of the goods area, like an M4 extension. Look out for opportunities to talk to politicians, reporters, planners, etc about the Masterplan and certainly put in a submission when it gets to being made public. See the BikeSydney site for details.


The following is now History! All Metro plans have been cancelled. [Note added in 2017- the CBD to Parramatta Metro has just been revived!]

 New Rozelle Metro line announced. (Oct 2008)

A new rail line from Central to Rozelle has just been announced. A station will be built under Victoria Rd at Darling St. Another station mat be built at White Bay near the old power station.The plans say that cycling will be encouraged to stations, so this may assist our case at White Bay and the Victoria Rd Update campaign. Thinking very wishfully, an underground station at Rozelle with bicycle access could allow for a tunnel under Darling St along Victoria Rd. This would solve several problems at Darling St, and cut out a fair bit of the hill!

The Preliminary Environmental Assessment is here, see section 2.4 on Stations.

See further progress in the Comments section below. LBUG has had talks with the Metro people, about cycling routes through Rozelle, secure parking for bicycles at the stations, maybe even a cycle repair centre in the underground.

We are also campaigning for carriage of bikes on the Metro, as is the case with City Rail , Light Rail and ferries. This is important to have designed in at the start if the Metro ever gets extended to a bigger system as intended. See the Carriage of Bicycles on Sydney Metro document we put together, describing what happens around the world on Metros, and comment 3 (Aug 4) below on the Government’s own policies.

CBD West Metro – Sept 2009

Added to the Rozelle to Central Metro proposal is a line from Central to Parramatta. Another round of EA’s and submissions! The west Metro will have an underground stop in Leichhardt, near the Forum and the Parramatta Rd end of Balmain Rd. They will need to improve access for cyclists. Opportunities will arise to get a long standing part of the Leichhardt Bike Plan implemented in this area, such as a bike route along Dot Lane behind the Forum, connecting Norton St and Balmain Rd, and another connection from Balmain Rd to Redmond St and Catherine St. (only thing stopping this now is a locked gate behind the Forum and a fence behind the Stag Hotel.)

Bicycle NSW did a submission to the Metro Authority

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