After years of hard work the Greenway shared path won funding from the Labor State Govt in 2010 as part of the Light Rail Extension. However, the new Liberal Govt first deferred the path project then announced that it was dead, or “would not be resurrected”, according to Minister Gladys Berejiklian in May 2012, on the same day that a petition of 10000 signatures was presented to State Parliament.

The Govt announced that a cheaper alternative was to be considered, using existing or potential Council bike routes, to provide a link between Cooks River and Anzac Bridge, along the general railway corridor.

The following is from a Dept of Planning Newsletter. “GreenWay shared path. The 2011/12 NSW Government State Budget delivered funding for the Inner West Light Rail Extension. The shared pedestrian / cycle path component of the GreenWay has however been deferred and is being reassessed as part of a broader integrated transport plan for Sydney that includes cross-regional cycleways. As part of this reassessment, the Government will consider alternative options for the design of the shared path, and  assess the viability of the City West Cycle Link proposal and alternative parallel improvements, as components of a Cooks River – Iron Cove – White Bay link in Sydney’s active transport network.  This work will be informed by patronage demand and value-for-money analysis. Construction of the light rail extension now will not preclude the later construction of a shared path.”

Famous last words. What do you think? Is an on road link acceptable as an alternative to the shared path Greenway link? If the link is safe and direct enough it would be better than the existing lack of access.

note added in 2020: Well, funding was eventually granted, and a Masterplan developed. The Greenway was approved in 2018. SMH article. Construction has started and will be staged over a decade or more. Details of the timetable and a map on the Council website.

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