Bus travel is probably going to get worse soon due to the closure of George St for the light rail construction, so going by bike is a good move. There are a number of ways I would suggest. Anyone got any other ways they like or recommend? Use Comments below to add more.

The main commuter route is via Lilyfield Rd, Anzac Bridge and Pyrmont Bridge to King St. Depending on where you live in Leichhardt the easiest way, unless you are close to Lilyfield Rd, to get to the Anzac Bridge is via Allen St, Derbyshire Rd, cross Balmain Rd near the High School, down Moore St, left at Catherine St, R at Brenan St, then Railway Pde, then under the light rail bridge through a little park to The Crescent. Cross over at the lights and go up the shared footpath to the over-bridge near start of Victoria Rd that leads to the Anzac Bridge cycle way /shared path. Got to be careful of the blind bend where you turn onto the AB cycle way, and watch out for other cyclists who tend to go very fast downhill, and pedestrians too of course. Then follow the cycleway over the bridge and exit down a spiral ramp to Saunders St in Pyrmont, L up Miller St, cross Harris St to Union St and Pyrmont Bridge. Cross the bridge and take the shared path north to the foot of King St, where there is a cycleway up to Clarence St, unfortunately ending there but you can go left down Clarence St to Barrack St if you want to get to Martin Place, or use Kent St to go south.

You can also go up the escalator off the bridge to get to Market St but there are a lot of pedestrians and it isn’t strictly legal to ride. Yet another alternative is to go under Pyrmont Bridge and ride through Darling Harbour (it is legal) over to Liverpool St. You an ride up the footpath to Kent St, and there will be a cycle path there soon up to Castlereagh St.

Another, quieter, way into the City is via The Crescent, Bicentennial Park, Glebe Point and Blackwattle Bay. There is a shared path round the water to Pyrmont Bridge Rd. If confident, ride along the road from there to the Fishmarket, or use the footpath, it’s not strictly legal but a lot of cyclists use it. It’s a bit messy and very busy around the Fishmarket but you can use the footpaths, cross at lights etc as a pedestrian and use Bulwarra Rd (via a narrow gap at a cul de sac) to get to Miller St, then follow the route up Miller as before to Pyrmont Bridge.

If working in the south of the City you can ride through Annandale, Forest Lodge and Glebe to Ultimo, via Allen St, Moore St, Booth St, L on Alexandra Drive, L on Pyrmont Bridge Rd (busy but commuters use it), R on Junction St or Ross St depending on your traffic skills, L up St Johns Rd, cross Glebe Pt Rd, R on Glebe St, then through a road closure to Kelly St, R on Miller at a cycle crossing, L on Mary Ann St, R on Harris, L on Ultimo Rd, down to George St.

If Moore St/Booth St is too busy for you (and current bridge work is not helping)go via Brennan, Railway Pde, The Crescent shared path, cross at Johnston St into Chapman Rd, through the car park behind Crescent Timber, round the back of the playground, under the light rail viaduct, continue on Chapman Rd and look for the cycleway up Johnstons Ck to rejoin Booth St at Taylor St, then you only have to negotiate the Wigram Rd roundabout and a short bit of Booth up to Alexandra Drive.