Finished works on the S bend.

Original post 8 August, 2012.
The East West route through Leichhardt on Allen, Moore, Booth to Pyrmont Bridge Rd, is something we have been fighting for for almost 20 years. A fair bit has been done, starting from Darley Rd in the west and finishing at Pyrmont Bridge Rd in the east. Booth St has recently been traffic calmed and uphill bike lanes put in, with share the traffic lanes downhill. The new roundabout at Wigram Rd is not what we wanted, and makes that section decidedly unfriendly. They need to put in a footpath bypass on one side, or maybe both sides.

The Booth St S bend at Whites Ck is another point where cyclists may be nervous, as vehicles often cut the corners through there. It was somewhat improved recently when they widened the eastbound shoulder where the car parking starts at foot of Booth St. But now there is a plan to put in a bike lane westbound, ie towards Leichhardt. This would only make it more dangerous, as much safer to stay out in the traffic lane and avoid being squeezed in the final corner. Cyclists are already being encouraged to use the traffic lane coming down from Johnston St, as the bike logos are marked out away from the car door lane. It would be consistent with the rest of Booth St to maintain this philosophy through the bend. Cyclists can then get in the oore St shoulder, which although not perfect, is reasonably wide ( and could be widened).

Will be opposing this at the Council meeting on 26 Februarary.

note added in 2017: the final design for the S-bend at Whites Ck includes a separated east bound cycle lane, but retains the shared lane westbound. The bridge was modified to straighten the exit westbound. The speed limit on Booth was lowered to 40 KMH and speed humps installed. So far,no crashes or complaints, and it works well, although motor vehicles seem to be hitting the concrete lane separator, by the black scuff marks on it. Cyclists need to take care they don’t hit the separator too, on approach from Moore St, but there is a bollard to advertise the presence of the concrete separator. Also, don’t overcook it westbound, and hit the central median.A cyclist died there a few years ago, going too fast. He crossed the median and an oncoming bus hit him.