Oct 28 2015

Urban Growth NSW, the State government’s development arm, has released its preliminary plan for the Bays Precinct (the 80 ha area around Blackwattle,Rozelle and White Bays). Link: http://thebayssydney.com.au

Many claims about being Green and Sustainable, with an emphasis on walking and cycling and public transport. Not much detail on where housing and businesses will go,or the quantum, but, interestingly, first priority is a walk and cycleway around the foreshore from the existing path at Pyrmont near Jacksons Landing, under the ANZAC Bridge, to the Fish Market. Then on around Blackwattle Bay and along Pyrmont Bridge Rd to join the existing path around Glebe Point. The Govt is also asking for expressions of interest for a “Silicon Valley” reuse of the old power house building at White Bay. They have backtracked on an earlier statement that 16000 new dwellings would be slotted in.

The elephant in the room is the possible exit portal for the West Connex extension to Anzac Bridge, in the old goods yard. No mention of this significant addition to the landscape.

[Note in May, 2020: Rozelle Interchange in full construction. Victoria Rd footbridge demolished. Lilyfield Rd dug up. Buruwan Park near The Crescent destroyed. Cyclists routes cut and detoured. ]

A transport plan is due for release soon [see plan obtained by SMH on January 12 in the Comments below], so we may see where new cycleways will go.They have signalled there will be new links across the goods yard from about Easton Park to Railway Pde or The Crescent in Annandale.

The Dept of Transport is already planning a major upgrade of Lilyfield Rd – Leichhardt Council has a grant of approx $400K just for a study and design! [see other reports on this. As of May 2020 the project has been scrapped, then resurrected, then delayed by Westconnex works]

Artists impression on their website of a tram across the old Glebe Island Bridge have raised hopes for reuse of this desirable route into the city for cyclists, avoiding the long climb over the Anzac Bridge.

This photo was taken in 2005 when the bridge was used for the Anual BNSW Spring Cycle.

What would you like to see come out of this project, bearing in mind it is a green fields site and the possibilities for something non car dependant and highly pedestrian/public transit orientated?

Update January 2022. Area now called Bays West, and major projects include a new Fishmarket, redevelopment of the old Fishmarket site, completion of the Westconnex tunnels and surface works in Rozelle Bay area, commencement of Metro West tunneling from White Bay to Parramatta in 2023. Urban Growth has come and gone. Visions for 2030 and 2045 have been released by Bays West Project. Calls for opening the Glebe Is Bridge still being made. Committee for Sydney has released grand plans for foreshore paths.