Don’t let that pothole get any bigger, or that nasty bump or dip or overhanging branch annoy you, take quick action for a better cycling environment.

This RMS form can be used for reporting cycling hazards on all roads and paths. Click through to Report an Issue, Roads. They will pass it on to the appropriate Council, or do it themselves if it is an RMS road. (RTA is now called RMS). Saves you the bother of finding out which sort of road it is, or which council area it is in.

Leichhardt has now amalgamated with Ashfield and Marrickville Councils to form the Inner West Council

Download a Map of IW Council area

If it is a local council road (not a freeway or other major road, although Councils often are responsible for shared paths along major roads, eg Victoria Rd), you can also contact the council and report the problem. They have a system where each report is logged and passed on to the relevant section for action.

Ask for a report number and to be called back or emailed when action is  taken. Example, pot hole on Norton St, ring IW Council on (02) 9392 5000. Give exact location and a clear description of the problem. You can also email them a photo and details at council@innerwest.nsw.gov.au. 

You can  report a problem on the IW Council website. Or use the Snap Send Solve app.

Check YourSay to make comments on new proposals, developments, cycleways, etc.