Inner West Council widened the path along the water’s edge from UTS Rowers to the ramp up to Lilyfield Rd bridge in 2021. The next step is to widen the ramp, scheduled for June to August 2022. This will lead to the path being closed between the bridge and UTS Rowers during the works. A detour route for cyclists will be signposted via the footbridge over the canal at Blackmore Park and up Dobroyd Pde, Tillock St (steep), into Crescent St, Boomerang and Mortley Av, to cross the City West Link onto Timbrell Dr. Children and their carers and any cyclist unwilling to tackle the traffic or terrain on the detour will be allowed to use the pedestrian detour, which will take a flatter route via a footpath that runs around the north side of the houses on Dobroyd Point overlooking the City West Link. It has a bend with poor sight lines at one point, so take extra care if using that. Also take care when crossing Boomerang St, which has traffic off the City West Link. There will be a new path across Robson Park to the Mortley Av corner.

Crossing the CWLink is dangerous at present, but Council has promised to install a barrier to give more room for cyclists to wait on the far side of the intersection, to cross Timbrell Dr to get onto the Bay Run.

For a map of the detour, see here.

To avoid the area, from Norton St, try using Allen St, crossing the light rail at Hawthorne Station and then Barton St, Dalhousie and Waratah St, crossing into Timbrell Park via a wooden footbridge over the Iron Cove Ck canal. Take care when crossing the City West Link.

Some photos of the Bay Run over the years.

[note in January 2023- they never did open up the detour route, just staged the works on the ramp and path so access was maintained in some form, even if you had to walk bikes. But try the detour routes, they give you a few more options for rides through the pretty streets of Haberfield]

BayRun Works June – August 2022
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2 thoughts on “BayRun Works June – August 2022

  • January 7, 2023 at 12:38 pm

    hi name is Luke Kendall I am really interested in doing some fun bike rides
    I am currently living in the inner west
    I am currently at a beginner level in relation to my skills

    • January 7, 2023 at 2:24 pm

      Hi Luke,

      Lots of fun rides coming up. For whats scheduled, go to You can RSVP to rides and events there. Rides are free, but you need to join Bike Leichhardt. Costs $10 a year and you can pay online. See under About us/Join us on the main page top bar.


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