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Women are outnumbered about 6 to 1 as regular commuter bike riders in Sydney. Shopping by bike is still pretty rare too (both sexes, but increasing. On recreational rides with LBUG and on other rides such as BNSW’s Gear Up Girl (March every year) or the Spring Cycle women are more evenly represented.

LBUG aims to encourage more women to take up cycling and build up their confidence and cycling skills in a supportive way. Our membership is almost 50/50 male/female, and new members are always welcome. Join the LBUG Gear Up Girl team.(see Events)

Learn to cycle and basic skills and maintenance courses can be arranged through a number of groups and teachers, including Bike North, who have accredited coaches, and City of Sydney council runs regular free learn to ride and safe riding classes through Bikewise, check the SydneyCycleways website. Sydney Community College (8752 7555) also runs courses sometimes. Anthony Challinor from Velofix bike shop in Rozelle was offering free basic maintenance courses (check to see if he still does).

Or come along on our EasyRiders each month, which are meant for beginners.

If interested in improving bike parking at shopping centres, or making main streets safer for everyday cycling to the shops and schools etc, drop the Council or shopping centre a line and make some suggestions. Find some allies at your local school and approach the PandC to form a Ride To School group. National Ride to School day is on 23 March 2013.

National Ride to Work Day is on 10 October 2013. Get your workplace involved.

Let us know of your experiences as a first time or regular commuter or shopper.

Comments on women riding bikes in Denmark, in response to an article by Betty Blue in Grist.

an article on some Australian research covers the issues.

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