The shared path from The Crescent to the Anzac Bridge is a major route for Leichhardt cyclists riding into the CBD, particularly for commuters. LBUG, now Bike Leichhardt,  has over the years pointed out various problems and dangers along this route, and some of these have been fixed by the RTA/RMS. 

LBUG lobbied the RTA for some time to widen the kerb ramp at James Craig Drive and this was done in Jan 2010, but a light pole still blocks one half of the path, particularly if you were turning left into James Craig Drive.

There are some photos of the route on Picasa.

Cyclists also are at risk from vehicles using the slip lane off the CWL into James Craig Drive. Hard to look back over your shoulder when trying to cross the slip lane when coming out of the City. You are not supposed to ride bikes on pedestrian crossings, but if this is the main cycle route what do they expect cyclists to do? When the Cruise Passenger Terminal is opened in White Bay more traffic will be using this slip lane, as James Craig is the only access road. LBUG has approached RTA to make sure this is addressed when the intersection is widened to handle the extra port traffic. (see comment section).

See videos on Picasa of what the James Craig intersection is like in 2013 after reconstruction. Some aspects have improved, but the slip lane crossing is more awkward and many cyclists just ignore the new bike lanterns. The light pole still blocks the path near the slip lane!

Other pet peeves along this route are the poor crossing facilities at the other set of lights (The Crescent/City West Link intersection), the posts on the path near the new pedestrian bridge at Victoria Rd. Also the light pole in the middle of the path near the Anzac Soldier on the west side of the Anzac Bridge.

The bus shelters on The Crescent have had the paths widened behind them to make it safer for cyclists and bus patrons and there is a resolution from Council that the advertising panels be removed to improve sight lines. There have been collisions there and many near misses. See this video on U tube.