Spring Cycle in 2013.

Govt is likely to fund retention of the bridge- says article in the Innerwest Courier. April 2016.Govt looks to reopen bridge


Transport for NSW released a report in 2013 indicating that it would be more economical to demolish the old Glebe Island Bridge (the one under the Anzac bridge) and not replace it, despite Leichhardt and City councils supporting retention. Bike Leichhardt and other cycling groups have pointed out the possibilities of many useful bicycle links to the Glebe Island Bridge through the Rozelle Goods Yard and White Bay area.

The ease of use of the old low level bridge would encourage new cyclists too, and give the many new residents in the City a ready “escape route” on the weekends for some exercise and access to the delights of Bicentennial Park in Glebe, Callan Park in Lilyfield and the Bay Run via the Regional Bike Route being planned for Lilyfield Rd.

If Urban Growth NSW has its way with the Bays Precinct there may be many more than the 1000 cyclists a day the report assumes. The report only considers cyclists from Balmain in its cost benefit calculations, but cyclists from all over the Inner West will benefit from a lower bridge. Supertuesday bike counts show over 800 using Anzac bridge in 7 am to 9 am period now and here are the official  RMS numbers up to 2012.


The old bridge could be demolished, and a new one built, to save money on maintenance, and parts used for the similar Pyrmont Bridge, or it could be re-erected in a talked about museum in the White Bay Power Station, if they ever figure out what is going to happen there. (Note added in Feb 2016, Urban Growth now is supporting retention of the old bridge as a pedestrian link to the “hi tech” centre recently proposed for the old power station by the NSw Govt.)


Read the report in the link below and have your say before November 15. (Edit, Feb 2016, This is now outdated) Support the retention of the bridge as a pedestrian/cyclists link, or possibly demolish but erect a NEW lightweight opening bridge that would be cheap to operate for shipping to use too. email comments to mmc@transport.nsw.gov.au.