Heard of Ciclovia in Bogota? Every Sunday morning they close or, really, open 60 km of city streets and there is a huge fun festival/ parade/ stroll / ride/ that half of Bogota participates in. Other cities, including San Francisco, LA, Austin, Toronto, NY, and many others, are following suit. Cr Kogoy in Leichhardt is advocating for one in Sydney.

Some examples http://t.co/4AhPBnBN-Toronto.
http://www.ciclavia.org/ – LA.

Or search on twitter for #ciclovia

Thinking of it, we do our own mini ciclovia whenever we go for a ride through the Inner West. Maybe we just need to get bigger and bigger and get everyone out for an EasyRide.

More links:
http://www.cdc.gov/obesity/stateprograms/ – how to plan an event like Sunday Streets for its health benefits.
streetfilms.org/ciclovia/ – Ciclovia in Bogota, a way of life now.