Bicycle Working Group. Council, cycling groups and residents meet several times a year to discuss strategies for getting more residents cycling. New members welcome.

Inner West Council   Bicycle and walking info, with maps, a bit outdated. Search Council site on “cycling” or “bicycles” for more.

European Guide: Bicycle infrastructure and planning, from Presto (EU govt body).

European Cycling Federation


Cycling in Towns and Cities: EC guide for Councillors and Policy Makers, a “must read“.

Lifecycle: More from Presto, with handbooks on how to promote cycling.

Danish Guide: Cycling facilities and promotion

Dutch Guide: Cycling facilities.

Photos from The Netherlands: How they make cycling so popular.

New UK guide to promoting Active Travel Read in conjunction with LTN1/20, new UK guide to design of cycling infrastructure.

Bike Planning in USA Slide show on how to do bike planning. Relevant to Australia.

Bicycle NSWPeak body for non-racing cycling.

Bicycle Network Australia A Bicycle Forum site covering a wide range of topics.

We Ride Australia
Australian Bicycle Industry Association cycling promotion and advocacy site.

Ride with GPS– a bike route mapping site

Buncheur: BicycleNSW site with rides all round NSW.

New NSW Bike Plan or see here for individual chapters.

Sign On Form for ride leaders.

Guidelines for Ride Leaders: How to lead a good ride- from Bicycle NSW.

Transport for NSW – Gov Bicycle Projects Program. See what is getting built.

RMS Cycleway finder – shows many bike routes and council paths.

City of Sydney Bike Page

Department of Planning Guidelines for Walking and Cycling

HarbourLink: Elevated bike-way along the Warringah Freeway from the Harbour Bridge.

Bikewise: Sydney based company that provides bike skills and maintenance courses. Lots of good advice.

Bike Repair and Maintenance: Tips and tricks from Park Tools.

Part 6a, Austroads,   guide to designing paths for cyclists. See if your Council is following the guidelines.

Aspects of Austroads for Cycling.  Guide for on-road bicycle facilities. Australian standards. Compare with UK LTN 1/20 and Dutch guides. Links to National and State bicycle strategies, design manuals for bike paths and roads for cycling, plus lots more.

Participation in Cycling in Australia: Survey by the Federal Government. Shows cycling is growing but NSW lagging behind.

Sydney Cycling Survey:  Report for RMS and BTS, August 2012

Wikipedia on Bicycle Helmet Laws