• @bobmoore Hey Bob, I’ve moved the seat forward abit….we’ll see how that works out on the ride tomorrow….

  • @bobmoore Hi Bob
    The Sydney Classic Bike Show is on Saturday 19th March, 11am-4pm at Canterbury Velodrome (Tempe)


  • @bobmoore Thanks for the welcome Bob.
    I saw a group from Leichhart in Parramatta this morning and wished I was among them. Was told next Sunday at Cafe Italia I think. Looking forward to riding with you

  • @bobmoore Hi Bob, It was very nice meeting you all, a shame I could not make it to the end of the ride. But it was all good just had to walk to the cycle shop a to get the tube repaired. 
    See you next time.

  • @bobmoore Thanks Bob. Will probably be out on the next easy ride.
    Thanks again

  • @bobmoore Cheers Bob, I’ll let you know how I get on.

  • @bobmoore Hi Bob, thanks for the speedy welcome!
    Work commitments prohibit me from adding much to the weekend rides but hopefully will get to a mid-week one somewhere down the track. I was more interested in bicycle/transit advocacy, especially Cr Kogan’s push for a Sydney Ciclovia or Sunday Streets so if there’s a way for me to get a bit more i…[Read more]

  • Colin posted an update 7 years, 11 months ago

    @bobmoore Hi Bob, I signed up because I intended to go on that ride with you to Garden Island, but then realised it clashed with a skateboard event I’d already committed to. I would have been interested to poke around there and check out the navy. Sounds like it was interesting.
    Lisa and I keep intending to come on one of your LBUG weekend tours…[Read more]

  • Wendy Watkins posted an update 8 years ago

    @bobmoore Hi Bob,How do I find out more about/book for the ride on Sunday the 10th March?ThanksWendy

  • Graham George posted an update 8 years ago

    @bobmoore Thank you for the warm welcome Bob!
    I will definitely be catching up with one of your rides sooner rather than later & who knows, maybe I may be able to show you guys some safe passages up the mountains one day .

    I don’t do the hard core MTB, I usually stay on the unsealed sections (don’t like to many bumps) its more training for my r…[Read more]

  • Wendy Watkins posted an update 8 years ago

    @bobmoore Thanks Bob!  Had hoped to make the ride today, but aim to come along on one soon!

  • @bobmoore Thanks for the welcome – Bob and today’s riders. Weather, route and company all good. See you on another ride soon. Judy. 

  • @bobmoore Thanks Bob, hope to make a ride soon, would have no idea how to advertise on your site either (:. Not good with computers like that. Must check out the calendar and do a ride or two soon, then look at joining up. Edwina.

  • Neil Adams posted an update 9 years, 1 month ago

    @bobmoore Thanks, Bob.
    One of these Sundays.

  • @bobmoore Hello Bob,
    Nice to hear you, the last Sunday ride was fantastic. On Monday I felt
    a pain in all my body , but I’m ready for the next adventure 🙂
    Cheers maria

  • @bobmoore Thanks for the welcome Bob, pity I didn’t make it to the end of year picnic ride but I am determined to get to some of the rides in Jan – esp the Iron Cove one on the 23 if it goes ahead. I have posted a pic of my bike too. Rosie

  • @bobmoore Hi Bob, been wanting to come on a LBUG ride for a while, but have been busy riding with friends, and the odd tour. Please don’t book anything for me, as I have a couple of weeks off work, and I was hoping to ride up with you on Saturday to Katoomba, and carry on by train to Lithgow, then do a little tour from there maybe around Oberon or…[Read more]

  • @bobmoore Hi Bob, With your help I found the rides. I have relatives coming out from the UK in 2 weeks and so I don’t think I will be making any of the rides this year but I will join you for a ride in the new year. Thanks again,

  • @bobmoore Thanks for the welcome Bob!

  • @bobmoore Above about 20kph on a flat surface, air drag uses up almost all of a cyclists’ effort and the drag coefficient is a shape-dependent figure of merit for the cyclist-bike combination. See Witt & Wilson “Bicycle Science”. My interest is only theoretical at the moment even though I have at my doorstep the perfect steep slope for drag…[Read more]

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