One lone plant, a tall Gymea Lily, survives, overlooking the approaches to the Anzac Bridge, on the north side of the Beatrice Bush footbridge over the City West Link. Beattie Bush was a paper seller who stood on the busy corner of Victoria Rd for many years selling The Tele and The Mirror. She was such a well known figure that the then RTA named the footbridge after her when it was constructed in about 1995.

The Westconnex invasion force is busy transforming the landscape in the old Rozelle Lilyfield Railyards and along the CityWest Link. All the trees were cut down, including those in Buruwan Park, a sad loss.

The loss of the bridge, which is to be demolished on or after August 21, 2020, will remove a very useful walking and cycling link between Rozelle and Annandale or Glebe via Robert St. A lengthy detour via Sommerville and James Craig Rd, or through the Parklands, will be required.

It seems fitting that the lone Gymea Lily should be saved and planted in the new Railyard Park, not too far from where Beattie used to stand, as a memorial to her. If you feel the same, contact Westconnex at

Save the Gymea Lily

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