Room for a bicycle path behind the wall along Balmain Rd.
As noted in the Page on Callan Park (under Campaigns and Issues)the State Government has sat on the Masterplan prepared by Leichhardt Council in 2010-11. A number of bicycle routes and facilities were proposed through and alongside Callan Park, notably a bike path along the Balmain Rd frontage, either on-road or off-road.

Perhaps it is time to ask the new Innerwest Council to again look at a separated cycleway along Balmain Rd, from Wharf Rd to Cecily St or possibly Manning St, by removing car parking on the non-residential side and/or widening the footpath in places to make a shared path. After all there is plenty of parking in the car park near the Ambulance HQ, and the internal roads such as Garden Way and the adjacent lawns, where cars seem to be parked at will.

This would make cycling between Leichhardt and Rozelle safer and more attractive.

Callan Park
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