What’s happening at the Inner West Council in relation to bicycle planning and infrastructure.

The recent amalgamation of the three Inner West Councils could be good for better, integrated transport planning. More staff, bigger budget, fewer boundary issues (like Parramatta Rd and the Greenway).

As at March 2017 the council is still sorting itself out, with bicycle planning not so far brought under one department. The old Marrickville Council had a dedicated bike planner, Benny Horn, and he is bringing a number of bike routes such as Addison St and Livingstone St to the consultation and construction phase. Leichhardt is only concentrating on the Greenway, it seems, and now the Lilyfield Rd cycleway proposal. Ashfield has lagged behind, with no Bike Plan, and is only now starting to catch up. The hope is that there will be soon a new overall Bike Plan for the entire Inner West area and resources will be spread around more evenly.

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  • March 27, 2017 at 6:11 pm

    A number of bicycle advocates from Bike Leichhardt, Bike Marrickville and Ashbug have been selected to be on The Inner West Council Transport Reference Group. First meeting was in March, where we heard of the Council’s Integrated Transport Plan. One of aims of the ITP is to reduce car use by residents. Surveys show the average car trip is about 3 km in the Inner West, so there is plenty of scope for walking and cycling instead. We are only too willing to help!


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