One of the iconic rides of Sydney is to ride along and in the disused viaduct that runs from Prospect to Guilford.

We meet at Bar Italia for an 8:15 AM start (so coffees before that, it’s a full day).

We start by heading out to Guilford by going through Homebush, then the bike path near and underneath the M4. We head more directly west to Guilford. We can stop either at Merrylands or at Guilford to gets supplies for lunch. If you are not feeling confident, then Guilford station is an early bail. (One and a half hours)

From Guilford we ride off road (but a sealed purpose bike track) along and in the viaduct. We can’t get to Prospect Dam picnic area anymore for another year, but there is a diversion to Lizard Log park, part of Western Sydney Parklands (one and a half hours). We have a picnic lunch.

From there we head along the original route as plotted by Bob at This takes us past City Farm and along Orphan School Creek, a dedicated bike track through parklands along creeks. This is about another hour.

At Canley Vale, no problem bailing out at the station. If you are keen, we will go through ‘Fibro Land’ and on to Regents’ Park, where there’s another option to take a train home. Otherwise keep cycling on to Rookwood cemetry, another of Sydney’s secrets. (About another two hours)

75 km ride in full. The full ride is a full day, but I go at a steady, intermediate pace. If you have a mechanically sound bike and cycling clothing and no medical problems it should be doable. You can always bail out at the stations.

Bring sunscreen, water and bring or buy lunch on the way.

Intermediate Ride to Prospect
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