Robert Johnson is leaving next year so we need a replacement  (or three, Robert has done the work of at least three, many thanks Robert). Anyone keen on doing valuable community work and making a contribution to Bike Planning in Leichhardt and the Inner West is more than welcome to come along to the next meeting- February 8 next year.

I have been going to the Leichhardt Bicycle Advisory Committee (LBAC) for about 4 years now, since it was set up to monitor the Council’s Bike Strategy. A few of us, including Robert Johnson, David Borella and David Lawrence  have done some good work I think, in setting priorities for the works program and giving Council advice and feedback. Neil Tonkin and Anthony Challinor from Velofix in Rozelle have also been along.

As well as the Committee I am the “LBAC Rep”- which means Council often contacts me to give an opinion on behalf of the LBAC on issues and designs they are working on. I go to the Traffic Committee every month, also as the LBAC Rep, and try to cut it with the traffic engineers, RTA, Sydney Buses, NSW Police and the Chair- this is harder work I tell you. I dont have a vote, which means RTA usually wins arguments (but not always). Compared to 10 years ago though it is much more bike aware.

Council is doing its best for cyclists in most areas, and have put in much more money than they used to, and they do consult. The Committee work is often fun, with a fair bit of cut and thrust and argument. They say it is  one of the better committees in terms of getting things done and enthusiasm. 

If you have any comments on what cycling is like in Leichhardt lately, where things have improved or where there are still problems, tell us here or by email. Plus drop a line to Council and your local Councillors. Feedback is always useful.


Council Bicycle Committee- seeking new members

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  • April 19, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    Next BAC is on Wed 9 March at 630 am in the Town Hall. They provide sandwiches and you can park right inside. Enter via side door off Marion /Leichhardt St.


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