Members of LBUG can do a lot. Or a little. Its up to you. We appreciate anyone who contributes to the cause of cycling or who just enjoys cycling.

If you are a keen rider, then help out with the rides we do most weekends. Leaders and sweepers (tail-end charlies) are always wanted, and riders who can encourage others and help with pointing the way and looking out for stragglers and the less experienced. Get involved with the touring group and organize a nice weekend away. There are hard rides for the road warriors and very fit, and easy rides for the “newbies” and the more leisurely inclined.

If you want to get better cycling facilities around Leichhardt and the Inner West then there are meetings to go to, letters to write, reports to read, pollies to talk to, problems to report (e.g., report a pothole or bike hazard on 9367 9222). Leichhardt Council has a Bicycle Advisory Committee, which meets roughly quarterly or as required (next one 15 July 2009, then October). If interested, come along. 630 pm in Town Hall, usually downstairs, entry from Marion St side door. The Council has a Bicycle Plan (or Bicycle Strategy as they call it) and the BAC helps oversee implementation.

Spreading the word about LBUG and cycling is also important. There are leaflets to put in bike shops and cafes or shopping centres, or give to friends, and emails to send and blogs to write, etc. Also you can give advice for new cyclists on our group email list or contribute content to the web site (start a Blog!) and help with administration. (Join the email list.)

LBUG helps organize the Leichhardt Big Bike Day every year in October with the Council. It is a fun day out for cyclists of all ages. Volunteers are always welcome to set up beforehand and to help during the day. There is community ride at Noon followed by a free BBQ.

Some of our campaigns are to update the Victoria Rd bicycle route from Gladesville Bridge to the Anzac Bridge, and to improve Balmain Rd between Leichhardt St and the crossing of the City West Link. Also to enhance the East West Route from Hawthorne Canal to the Haymarket via Booth St and St Johns Rd, Glebe. We have done a safety audit of some streets too.

We also have social get togethers, BBQ’s, picnics, nights out, attend bike races, etc, its all up to the members to suggest interesting activities.

So get involved, meet other cyclists and, most importantly-

Happy Cycling!

What can you do?

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